Hero or dictator? Tunisian protesters are divided over President Said

Hero or dictator?  Tunisian protesters are divided over President Said

The facts are indisputable: Tunisian President Kais Saied appointed Prime Minister in July Dismissed – Temporarily released Parliament commented. Citizens differ on how to interpret the move.

Supporters describe it as a necessary evil, designed to tackle corruption. Critics consider it a coup: due to the resignation of the prime minister, all power is now in the hands of Said, who was elected in 2019. These Tunisians fear that he is bringing more and more power to himself.

For example, a television journalist and a member of parliament were arrested last week for criticizing the president on a broadcast. The deputy was released after a few days. He. She The television station on which the conversation between the two was shown has since been cancelled.

Journalist Fairouz Ben Salah, who lives in Tunisia, follows developments closely. “One of the protest organizers was recently harassed by the police, and this is just intimidation. Roads to the protest have been blocked. Polarization is increasing. There are even signs with the names of opponents. Their supporters are traitors and should be “executed without trial”.

At the same time, there Demonstrations A supporter of the president. According to Ben Salah, many Tunisians see Said Battal, the man who ended a non-functioning government. With corrupt politicians and a bad economy, she says, people yearn for change.

“There were regular battles in Parliament,” Ben Salah said. “During Corona, they had very few vaccinations in Tunisia, they did not have oxygen masks, people died. You have to imagine that people are watching on TV how parliamentarians attack each other. Then it is not surprising that you think that democracy does not work.”

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