Henk Kroll moves in and puts home antiquities on the street: ‘They really take everything with them’

Foto: Henk Krol.

Another ten days and then Henk Kroll will close the doors of his villa in Eindhoven for the last time. Kroll moves to Spain and is packed and cleaned with a smile and tears. “I will miss Brabant very much.”

The ex-politician lived more than 30 years on Ministerlan, how could it be otherwise. “It’s a very big house and I’ve collected a lot of trash over the years. The emptying is disappointing,” Kroll laughs.

For example, there is a box full of brochures for the musicals Kroll has visited all over the world. Stacks of books from his reign in the House. Christmas balls in all colors of the rainbow. Bags full of beads from New Orleans that were supposed to be delivered on Pink Monday.

“You suddenly find yourself with everything in your hands again. Also things you have long forgotten about, like those beads. Fortunately, I can still hand them in Tilburg next Monday,” Kroll laughs. Your whole life will pass again. All Fragments and beautiful memories.”

“Every time something useful is brought in, I feel happy.”

Most of Kroll’s “group rage” ends in a container parked on the street. And where passersby love to roam. “The container is already full and twice empty. They really take everything with them, you can’t think of it like that. I gladly look forward to it. Every time something useful is brought in, I’m happy. It makes you happy.”

Although: The impending departure from Brabant gnaws a bit, he admits. “I have really enjoyed living here and will miss Brabant greatly. In that sense, it is a movement with a smile and tears.”

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