Heavy thunderstorms hit France with huge hailstones: ‘It feels like the end of the world’ | house

Heavy thunderstorms hit France with huge hailstones: 'It feels like the end of the world' |  house

France was hit by heavy thunderstorms on Tuesday. The red code has been announced for the east of the country. Wind gusts of over 100 kilometers per hour were measured, and hail the size of tennis balls fell from the sky. The stormy weather left thousands of homes without power.

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Many stunning photos of severe weather are circulating on social media. “It feels like the end of the world,” residents say. The violent storm caused a lot of material damage in several places. For example, the roof of a supermarket in Dijon collapsed while customers were still inside. There were no injuries.

It is very hot in different parts of France right now. In the Haute-Savoie department, the temperature rose to 40.2 degrees. This is the first time the mercury has risen above 40 degrees on the French mainland this year.


Code Red is very rare in France. For example, it was only announced once last year. In 24 departments in eastern France, code orange was applied for thunderstorms on Tuesday and the orange code for heat was in effect in nine departments. The warning of thunderstorms remains in effect, on Wednesday, in twelve districts.

In Haut-Rhin, 6,000 homes were without electricity on Tuesday evening as a result of the storm. In the province of Terettoire de Belfort, 1,200 households still had no electricity at around 10pm. Around 8 p.m., there were still 4,000. Lightning struck no fewer than 500 times. In the Dobbs section, about 2,500 homes were without power.

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Also Code Red in Switzerland

Switzerland also experienced a severe thunderstorm on Tuesday, the hottest day of the year. In Graubünden creek, the hottest place in the country, the mercury rose to 37.6 degrees. In the canton of Friborg, a woman was seriously injured by lightning, and delays at Zurich airport due to the storm. Just like in France, code red has been applied to the entire country in Switzerland.

Yesterday witnessed heavy thunderstorms accompanied by significant hail in eastern France. © Twitter

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