Heavy fire engulfs an industrial area in Semirmas: local residents close windows and doors (Lanakin)

Heavy fire engulfs an industrial area in Semirmas: local residents close windows and doors (Lanakin)


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A heavy fire broke out in the industrial area of ​​Semirmas. At waste processing company Van Werven Recycling Plastics, bales of pressed plastic are in full swing. Local residents experiencing jet black smoke have been told via BE-Alert that they should close windows and doors, and the ventilation system is also recommended to be shut off.

The plume of black smoke rising from the company can be seen in the Europark for miles, as far as the Hasselt. Clouds of smoke float over Maastricht. Emergency services were alerted to the fire shortly before 5 a.m. Fire brigades from all over Limburg and Maastricht are helping to fight the fire. Near the fire there are industrial halls of other companies, including the logistics company Gobo. Firefighters trying to prevent overtaking.

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The fire broke out around 5 p.m. Wednesday at the Van Werven Recycling Plastics plant. There they process plastic waste. They use this to make high quality PE, PP and PE/PP raw materials for the plastic industry.

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At the moment, it is still not clear how the bales of compressed waste plastic caught fire. Firefighting teams are working with all their might to put out the fires.

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A huge smoke cloud attracts a lot of curious people. One hundred people arrived at the Europark to approach the fire. The police keep everyone at a distance. Fire trucks come and go. Firefighters are trying to pump water everywhere to get enough water for the massive firefighting work.

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It always shoots harmful substances. There is no such thing as clean smoke. It doesn’t matter what’s burning: chemicals, (garden) waste, paper, clean wood, oil or plastic. The smoke is full of soot particles and other harmful substances that can cause complaints. Hence, it is advised to stay away and avoid smoke at home.

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