HDMI organization adds source-based tone mapping to HDMI 2.1a – Computer – News

This is of course possible, but standards were initially devised/organized by industry. There is the illusion that we are our consumers and the illusion that standards are “better” (spoiler: possible, but no guarantee). HDR, Dolby Atmos, HDMI, USB: Each standard has relevant features. But there is no standard Guarantees Those related characteristics also apply. This is exactly why you want standards. Not only as a standard, but also as a quality feature.

But the industry has an interest in making it as easy as possible. As many branded products as possible that delude the industry that consumers are sensitive to, it is in the industry’s best interest. Will that change? (Spoiler: I’m going for a “no”)

This phenomenon with standards has been going on for several years now. You can believe whatever you want, but I don’t think this will work (in a few years). As far as I’m concerned, we’re boycotting standards entirely. I think the products are still made for consumers and they have an interest in delivering quality and that’s hardly evident at the moment. The quality is there, but I can’t think of a simple filter that will guarantee that. Each standard has its own caveats:
HDR: Yes, you want it, but a screen with high brightness, high contrast, and relatively large color reproduction. You also want to know how well HDR is implemented on your source materials.
Dolby Atmos: Yes you want that, but with dedicated height speakers (not mirrored, dedicated). And Dolby Atmos on a smartphone while holding it above your head… This isn’t a loudspeaker meant for height.
USB: …there I don’t know what we want in the end, the story is lost somewhere. I find on a custom basis what I specifically want.
HDMI2.1: That’s what you want, but also take a closer look at what your monitor can handle. It may “talk” to HDMI 2.1, but it doesn’t show its full potential.

It would be great if we as consumers could come up with our own relevant standards and get to the point where the different parties would adopt. Even better, industry standards will be ignored. Remember that you are filtering HDMI2.1 (Rel) (-> as appropriate) and then you only see products that use the full capabilities of HDMI2.1.

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