Hawaii is allowed to buy car chips again in the United States

‘Huawei mag weer autochips kopen in de Verenigde Staten’

Chinese technology company Hawaii is once again buying chipsets in the United States for solutions to the automotive industry. Reuters reported this based on the evidence.

The Chinese technology company can breathe a sigh of relief when it receives the chip components needed for its automotive solutions. Despite the ban on chip technology for 5G solutions, US suppliers will be allowed to supply chipsets for automotive applications such as video screens and sensors.

Still allowed

According to Reuters Chipsets for the automobile industry are not seen as advanced and strategic, allowing Chinese tech to easily approve this delivery. These chipsets alone may have nothing to do with 5G technology.

Any permission will be useful to Huawei. Due to the neglect of 5G chipsets, the technology company is eagerly looking for other revenue. Meanwhile, the company will invest more in automotive applications.

Ban on distribution chipsets

The ban on U.S. suppliers supplying chipsets to Hawaii (5G) predates the administration of former President Trump. It was established because it was suspected that Hawaii could help the Chinese government spy through its technology. Incumbent US President Biden has confirmed the ban.

The U.S. government has not commented on the rumors. Huawei should appear as a supplier of new components to the automotive industry and help car manufacturers build better vehicles.

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