“Have we finally got a real wild virtual reality?”

"Have we finally got a real wild virtual reality?"

Every now and then we talk about Virtual Reality at Gamekings. This is usually about hardware. The reason for the lack of content is simple: most games simply don’t (yet) do enough for us. Many games are very gimmicky. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t think the technology behind virtual reality is cool. on the contrary. There is a possibility of virtual reality. It can definitely add something to your gaming experience. But then things must change. Less heavy glasses, sharper picture, graphically stunning gameplay and VR innovation. Of all the presenters, Jasper and Koos are the most committed to VR. I’ve found that VR has a lot of added value, especially in racing games. And so they were there like chickens when Meta Quest Pro came to the editors. Enjoy unboxing Meta Quest Pro. The review will of course follow later.

Meta Quest Pro unboxing

What’s “Different” and New in Meta Quest Pro According to Manufacturer Facebook. First of all, the goggles are 10 percent lighter than their Meta Quest predecessor and you’re no longer constrained by cables that limit your movement options. The glasses’ resolution is nearly equal to 4K and cameras on the glasses scan the environment, creating “six degrees of freedom” (SDOF). This technology learns when you jump, turn or crouch and translates that into the game you’re playing. This would make your virtual reality experience more realistic.

Will this headset finally make VR popular?

Updated controllers should give the player better control over the virtual world than Meta Quest. You can also store an average of about 40 games on the 128GB version. Everything seems fine. What are the gentlemen looking forward to once they get the handset out of the box? You can hear their story at Meta Quest Pro Unboxing.

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