Hasta luego: Denise from B&B Vol Liefde offers a bed and breakfast in Spain for sale

Hasta luego: Denise from B&B Vol Liefde offers a bed and breakfast in Spain for sale

Denise wrote in the post that she started the new chapter in her life with mixed feelings. A little less than six years ago, it was b & with loveThe star went to Spain on her own to prepare a bed and breakfast for her uncle. What an adventure it was. (…) A large empty building, eighteen empty apartments, no job. What an opportunity and possibilities I saw! It all worked out: Alpujarra Secret has grown into a wonderful tourist establishment.

The reality star is very proud of herself and grateful for the opportunity. Although it was a “special experience”, she is now eager to do something new again. When something is completely in place, it’s time to prepare something new. I feel like it’s time now. It’s hard to let go of, but starting a new project here in Spain…I’m really looking forward to that too! “

So Denise is looking for someone who wants to take over her Spanish dream. This person has to bring a lot of pocket money, because the bed and breakfast is on sale for 2,750,000 euros, as evidenced by Spain’s Idealista, Funda.

Dennis tells RTL Boulevard that the past few months have been “very intense.” “You’ve seen huge growth both personally and professionally,” she tells us. “I’ve worked hard for the past five and a half years, and now I would like to continue to grow as a person and as an entrepreneur. The company is standing up and working, then it’s time for me to look no further!”

You will use the next time to figure out what you want to do and achieve next. Denise: “I plan to travel anyway and then see what makes my heart beat again. There’s a good chance it’s at least something in hospitality and that’s in beautiful Spain anyway!” Unfortunately, she still did not find love. Rudd – who tried to conquer Astrid’s heart in Austria – is still single, but he hopes to find the woman of his dreams through immigration.

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