Hammer criticizes The Voice’s research and John de Mol’s statements

Hammer criticizes The Voice's research and John de Mol's statements
Mariette Hammer

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The Government’s Commissioner on Transgressive Sexual Behavior Mariette Hammer reacts critically to the investigation into the abuse on TV programme, The Voice, published on Wednesday. John de Mol, who was in charge as head of Talpa, also received criticism from Hamer.

Hammer said of De Mol’s remarks after the controversial broadcast of angry, the program that exposed the violations more than a year ago. “But that was not true.”

Hammer understands that many of the women who initially reported to Van Doorne, the law firm that did the research for the production company ITV, did not want to interview him. “They said, ‘We don’t trust him,'” Hammer said.

“Everything floats a little in between”

The government commissioner was not at all enthusiastic about Van Dorn’s research. “It’s not a culture survey, because the culture in the company hasn’t been surveyed,” she said, adding that it’s not an integrity survey either. “It’s not clear who’s responsible. It all floats up a bit now and then.” We’ll also have to see whether ITV has its affairs in order, Hammer said.

The Van Doorne law firm concluded that there had been many instances of “inappropriate conduct” at the talent show, but nothing appeared to have been done with the reports to the principals. One conclusion was “Some individuals appear to have been prosecuted for their conduct informally, but no formal action appears to have been taken.”

victims The Voice of the Netherlands She wants the Dutch ITV management team in charge to step down.

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