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But isn’t that incredibly damaging to the brand? You should even be suspicious of top of the line cards if they aren’t just an old rebranded version, they also aren’t exactly cheap.

We often forget that we Tweakers and other tech enthusiasts are a privileged minority into this sort of thing. To give just one example, I’ve built computers for about 30 people because they themselves have no knowledge of it and/or don’t want to go into it. This is the person who researches the criteria and does research against 30 people who hit the power button and believe it. The vast majority of users don’t know the differences and probably wouldn’t care. If Nvidia did something that only 0.5% of consumers would read, the other 99.5% would continue to buy its products.

After all, launching two different products (different in quality) under the same name can only be a reason for fraud/deception? That you as a company do it once, but over and over again?

Far more people say they know about computers than actually know about them. I’ve had cases where users ask me to upgrade their 2 year old video card because it can’t keep up, check on the computer, and find out they’ve been using the wrong HDMI port and gaming on Intel HD Graphics for the past 3 years. Another example is a computer that was so thick with dust that the GPU had only 25% of its original performance left due to thermal throttling, but the user assumed that the components were getting slower due to wear and tear. These types of people don’t really notice that the new video card is underperforming, so Nvidia easily gets away with the fact that one card performs much worse than the other of the same name out of ignorance for the majority of consumers.

Have been using laptops and macs for a long time now so it’s been a while since I made my own build, but does nvidia have an advantage over ATI that they can pull that off?

Ati has not existed for a number of years ;)

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But in fact, Nvidia has a huge marketing advantage with most of the models. When I get asked to build something, I don’t know 3/4 that AMD makes video cards at all and most still insist on having a GEFORCE video card in their system.

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