Halo Infinite is getting an open beta for the co-op campaign from July 11-22 – Games – News

Beta testing of the Halo Infinite co-op campaign begins on July 11 and will run until July 22. It was previously clear that this testing period would take place in July, but 343 Industries has now announced the exact period.

Announces Developer 343 Industries That the week of July 11 is the goal, but several media reports are based on official information that the period begins on July 11 and continues until July 22. Interested parties must register with the Halo Insider Program and be in possession of a Halo Infinite campaign or have an active Xbox Game Pass subscription.

To try this beta, players will need to download a new campaign. Previously saved progress from running the campaign will not be transferred to the trial version, and vice versa, it will not be available after the trial version. During the beta, the entire campaign will be available to four players. The option to re-quest will also be available during the upcoming co-op testing period.

In an accompanying interview, The world’s leading designer John Mulkey explains exactly how co-op works with the various players involved. All players achieve their individual progress while playing together and do not depend on the leader’s progress. “I can run a solo campaign, go into a co-op session for a few hours, then play solo again, and all the mission progress, collectibles, equipment found, achievements earned, and upgrades made in both sessions will remain intact. The days I played the game will remain intact,” said Mulke. someone else and you haven’t made any progress.”

343 Industries is unable to provide a definitive release date for the game’s co-op campaign yet. Halo Infinite appeared in November of last year, but it still has to do without this co-op part, and, for example, also Level Editor configuration mode. These additions have been delayed several times.

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