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In the first four months of this year, just over half of the new scooters sold in the Netherlands were electric. In the same period last year it was 31 percent. Most of the scooters sold are still equipped with a combustion engine.

It is the first time that more electric bikes have been sold than models equipped with a combustion engine, RAI . Association Reports† Of 5,216 copies in the first four months of this year, representing 50.16 percent of the total. The share of electric models in the motorcycle category was 43.5 percent in the same period. This is 4495 pieces. If the numbers of bikes and scooters sold are combined, this comes to 46.7 percent of electric scooters. In the same period last year this was still 33.9 percent.

But in absolute numbers, the number of electric scooters sold fell by 24.8%. The RAI states that this is largely due to impending National Motorcycle Helmet requirements. An implementation date has not yet been set, but there is a political agreement.

Due to the upcoming helmet requirements, the share of scooters compared to lighter bikes is almost the same now. A year ago this was 76.1 percent of light scooters compared to 24.9 percent of scooters. Light bikes have a lower top speed and in many cases are allowed to ride on the cycle track.

According to the RAI, the government and the sector have ambitions to electrify the current park of about 820,000 motorcycles. By 2025, only new electric models will be sold. The RAI states that electrification of scooters in circulation may be delayed due to declining sales.

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