Haiti: Presidential bodyguards do not appear to testify – intelligence unit

Haitian officials are defining what will happen to the judiciary with those responsible for the security of the assassinated president, Jovnell Moss.

Two of them, who were summoned to testify and did not appear on Tuesday, are now set to face charges Dmitry Heard, Chief of Defense Staff at the National Presidential Palace.

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The police investigation did not respond to a request from the prosecutor’s office to grant members of the security establishment the necessary permissions to participate in these judicial proceedings.

According to local media, the chief analyst is not, Awesome Milk Eddie, There is no commissioner Jean Lockwell, The General Coordinator of Presidential Security, came to the House of Justice, where investigators were waiting for them, including international aides who support the investigation.

Attorney Pete-Ford Claude, who was at the forefront of the investigation, summoned both officers First Court.

But, as explained by the public prosecutor, the public investigation of the police did not respond to the request for permission to be required by members of the security establishment to participate in these judicial proceedings.

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Dmitry Heard

Dmitry Heard, the head of defense for the presidency, has visited Bogot six times.

And Heard?

Christian Emmanuel Sanon

Christian Emmanuel Sanon, captured doctor.

Invisible has two readings. The first is the clear division between the police and the prosecutor’s office Around the massacre. Another indicates that some members of the Presidential Security Council were involved in the attack on Moss and his wife.

The anticipation is now in the reports Dmitry Heard, head of the palace defense An important part of establishing what happened when the president was overthrown at dawn on July 7 was the National. However, it is not certain whether he will attend.

You want to establish what he did on multiple trips Ecuador, Colombia and the Dominican Republic, From January 2021 to last May. His private security firm’s relationship with the company that recruited former Colombian soldiers involved in the case is being investigated: CTU Security LLC

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Meetings in Colombia

Duberni Capador Giraldo

In the case of Colombia, the police want to confirm whether it is true of the parking lots in Bogot, Heard met two men in the former army Who was involved in the massacre.

There would have been one of them Daberni Capador, Is identified by some ex-military men as one of the so-called mercenaries, although his family denies it.

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