Hacker leaks phone numbers and email addresses of 5.4 million Twitter accounts

What a mountain of data.
Why does Twitter still collect phone numbers?
I don’t have a phone number on my computer and can use it on Twitter so it’s not technically necessary.

I suspect they have these numbers for checking account and MFA. I can’t find a good reason for either. Phone numbers are easy to fake and SMS text messages are not secure. Just because many people have clear messages on their (lock) screen. This isn’t secure, but if your primary device is the phone itself as well, it doesn’t make sense as security.

I also don’t like the whole idea of ​​checking the account by phone number when they do that. Twitter also cannot know which phone number belongs to any account unless the user has specified it beforehand. If an account is hacked, that phone number will also be changed. If the account was not hacked, but the user simply forgot the password, then it works, but since it is not secure, you should not really rely on it.

With some effort I can think of some other reasons why Twitter collects phone numbers, but not a really good reason.

Then I got to my point: Twitter shouldn’t have those phone numbers, they wouldn’t be able to leak. I immediately think there was no intention of leaking them, and I don’t blame Twitter for that, but collecting the numbers at all is wrong and I blame Twitter.

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