Hacker leaks 90 videos of the new Grand Theft Auto

Hacker leaks 90 videos of the new Grand Theft Auto

After years of flimsy rumors, a hacker has leaked 90 videos of GTA 6 out of nowhere. The Internet is in turmoil.

Gamers have been waiting for GTA 6 for nearly a decade. Rockstar Games has yet to reveal anything about the project, leaving hungry fans to see any hint or alleged rumor as big news. From vacancy strikes to clearly fake screenshots.

Hacker unveils GTA 6

So today is a special day. A hacker who calls himself a “teapotuberhacker” and also claims to be the hacker behind the Uber drama last week, leaked no less than ninety (!) videos of GTA 6.

Pictures have been shared in the forum GTAForumswhere you put them At your own risk (!) Files can also be downloaded. Putting together so many fake videos to cheat players would be an absurdly colossal feat, but the videos also seem believable. GTA screams. From menus to graphics.

The videos cover different stages of the game’s development. Some just show a walking character, others are clearly just simple animation tests.

Pulp Fiction

Right now, there are two leaked videos that really stand out. The first is a Pulp Fiction-esque scene. We see two playable characters, Lucy and Jason, together robbing a restaurant and entertaining guests until the police arrive, only to have them run for him in a police van.


Pictures look real

From graphics and animations to available development menus: it is almost inevitable that these images are complete legal The Internet agrees. There are also videos where you have developed a Rockstars yourself development tools See in action.

Also note: the characters in the videos sometimes carry pistols in their hands and a shotgun in their backs. With that said, it seems very likely that Rockstar will use the “inventory system” for Red Dead Redemption 2. In other words: you can just take a few weapons with you, rather than the virtually unlimited space in your arsenal from GTA 5.

Strip club: GTA Classic

The second important video is the strip club level. It’s a must for any GTA game, but this time it’s amazing how crowded the club is with computer-controlled characters. With so much improved hardware, you can count on GTA 6 to hold more vibrant and bigger crowds.


Stop Clicking: More Pictures

The Leaks She was only three hours old at the time of writing. Redditors and other fans are busy finding and analyzing leaked videos, screenshots and other files.

We recommend checking out the subreddit p / GTA6 to make sure. There you can find the leaked videos, because other users put the pictures on YouTube. Also keeps a admin there list it One of the notable things that was spotted in the videos.

Anyway, you can claim with nearly 99 percent certainty that this is serious he goes. However, while checking out the images, keep in mind that we are talking about a game in development. If you are not surprised by the graphics, this is not surprising.

What about a rock star?

And a rock star? Rockstar will undoubtedly be in a utter panic. So far, the developer has not removed any videos. Fans almost hope so, because this will indirectly confirm that the leaked gameplay of GTA 6 is indeed real.

What a day… after years of weak and clearly fake rumors Leaks Suddenly the players got their hands on a large gold mine. Undoubtedly continuing…

Meanwhile, one of the best gaming journalists at the moment makes a contribution:

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