Guardians of the Galaxy review in progress: ‘Big surprise’

Guardians of the Galaxy review in progress: 'Big surprise'

It’s no secret that some of us are a little fan of all things Marvel. From various movies in the MCU to comics. Blown. And if Guardians of the Galaxy comes out and we get to play it, we’re there like the proverbial hens. Especially cos. He was the only one who got an early token, so he could start earlier than the rest. So we already have a review in progress. The first hint of what it will be like. Does this game bring the same great feeling as Miles Morales? Or does it unfortunately offer the same level of The Avengers that came out last year? This review is in progress. At the beginning of next week, you will receive a comprehensive featured review and a short review.

Does Guardians of the Galaxy feel the same as the movie?

in a Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy We get the chance to go all out like a Star-Lord. The question now is: “Is this fat?” The game is published by Square Enix. Is this the best party to create a game around this franchise? They really missed the mark with The Avengers. How is your cos experience so far? Did he think it was brutal? Or did he actually do it in secret and does he have another disappointment after The Avengers?

Explore the world in the name of Star-Lord

Everything stands and falls with the games in the gameplay. How will you feel when we discover the world as a Star Lord? He is truly a world. Or more aisle, aisle? In other words. Does the game include some freedom or is it too linear? Will we see other worlds, too? Or just certain areas? How is the humor? Are famous superheroes the same? You’ll hear and see it all in Guardians of the Galaxy’s Review in Progress.

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