GTA Trilogy – Ultimate Premium Edition Review: “Kansloos”

GTA Trilogy - Ultimate Premium Edition Review: "Kansloos"

We have a new review ready for you today. And not just anyone. It’s one of a trio that’s about 20 years old. Triple monster. The trilogy wrote history, too. Which made Boris and JJ love games (more). GTA The Trilogy, because that’s what we’re talking about, has been re-released as a definitive version. And so you can start with GTA 3, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas. Three times pure single player action. What will the Three Transformers bring us? Does it bring innovation? Or is it just graphically polished? Hear it and see it in the Premium review.

Does GTA: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition Bring Enough Innovation?

GTA: So the Trilogy has three games. It is about the first 3 GTA games made in 3D. We are talking about GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas. The final version uses a new engine. That is, Unreal Engine 4. But can you see that? Are games already using the capabilities of this new engine? Or is it more of an easy port. And how does the story go, does it feel as epic as before?

Does this add anything to the original?

GTA III is the oldest game in the series. How does that look now? Did they manage to get it to the present? And can you swim now? How are the missions going? Exact same content or modifications were made? Is the wrong side of the Tracks mission in San Andreas still too difficult? Or they made it a little easier. This is also the first time the trilogy has come to the Switch. How do you like this? How does it look? You can see it all in the featured review of GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition.

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