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An alleged hacker posted on GTAForums ninety videos with screenshots from the GTA 6 game. And it turned out to be real footage. The uploader says it may leak more data, including a file build test From GTA 6 and source code and origins From GTA 5 and 6.

In the conscious message From a GTAForums user (named “teapotuberhacker”) registered on Sunday for the first time, links to videos and a mention of his Telegram account. A recent update has now been added, with the account holder reporting that these images are ‘unexpected’ Widely He went on and that he had received about 3,000 personal messages on Telegram. He invites employees of Rockstar or parent company Take-Two Interactive to sign up in a certain way through their company’s official email addresses.

The alleged hacker says he is reading these messages from Rockstar and Take-Two employees very quickly and that he wants to “negotiate a deal”. And he claims, also in light of his name, behind the latter hack on uber To sit along similar to this hack, the GTA 6 leak data could have been obtained by accessing the employee’s Slack account. Neither Rockstar nor Take-Two Interactive have yet responded to the leaked images or the report from the alleged hacker.

Due to the multiplicity of photos and video content, they quickly looked real and are now Confirmed by game journalist Jason Schreyer Which has received confirmation from sources at developer Rockstar. Talk about one of the biggest leaks in video game history and a nightmare for Rockstar Games.

Relates to a total of 50 minutes of 3GB photos. Take-Two Interactive has it all Removals On YouTube, among others, but at the time of writing there are also videos out there on the Internet. Below is a clip with a file Robbery by a female character In a restaurant and then fight with the police. There are videos of conversations, robberies, gun battles, and car rides.

In some gameplay footage, the Rockstars is internal Correction Tools Visible. Schreyer also says that this is early and incomplete material. Some of the photos may actually be from 2017. It only became clear earlier this year That GTA 6 is being developedbut is said to have been in operation since 2014.

Based on the photos, a A previous message from a sinister on Bloomberg To be confirmed in it, it was stated that the game would have a playable female character and that everything would take place in fictional Miami. The latter is confirmed, among other things, by the fact that the “Vice City” is visible in some videos. In total, about fifty minutes of photos were leaked.

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