Greek ferry crew announces strike after man’s death in Piraeus

Greek ferry crew announces strike after man's death in Piraeus
Passengers board a ferry in Piraeus

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Crew members of Greece’s ferry services want to strike for 24 hours next Wednesday. They believe that on-board safety and working conditions should be improved. The reason is the death of a man in the port of Piraeus, and the anger this caused.

A 36-year-old Greek arrived quickly last Tuesday as the ferry to Crete was about to depart. The lines had already been brought in, but the loading ramp at the back of the ship was still on the dock. The man walked down the ramp, but a crew member pushed him back, so he fell into the swirling waters and drowned.

The crew did not make any attempt to save him. Three to four minutes later, his body appeared on the surface, a witness told the Greeks news site.

Greek Minister of Shipping and Island Affairs Miltiadis Varvitsiotis, He said Wednesday that the man had a ticket. He had boarded the ferry earlier but also got off for an unknown reason and returned later.

Three crew members and the captain were arrested. The man who pushed is suspected of manslaughter, while the other two crew members are suspected of complicity. The captain allegedly did not comply with shipping rules.

According to the union, many ferry employees are overworked and their schedules are “unreasonable.” The Association is therefore concerned about safety on board.

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