Grace kills in Mexico, next hurricane hits US and could hit New York | Abroad

Grace kills in Mexico, next hurricane hits US and could hit New York |  Abroad

The U.S. East Coast is preparing itself for Hurricane Henry. It is currently blowing towards the northeastern United States at 120 kilometers per hour. Henry’s pioneer Grace, meanwhile, is wreaking havoc in Mexico. At least seven people were killed there.

In his current course, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) says Henry will be in Long Island, New York or southern New England tomorrow, slightly north. The organization announced earlier today that Henry had turned from a tropical storm to a hurricane. Significant disruption may occur in New England, especially in the state of Connecticut. More than 42 million Americans need to figure out the problems.

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“This is a life-threatening situation. People in these areas must take all necessary measures to protect their lives and property from rising water and other hazardous conditions,” the NHC warned. Departs tonight according to local time.

Damage caused by ‘Super Storm’ Sandy

For the first time since 2012, the state was directly affected by the hurricane in New York. Then ‘Super Storm’ caused a lot of damage to Sandy. At the time, it had crossed Cuba, Jamaica and the northeastern United States, causing more than two hundred deaths and at least 54 billion euros in damage. Most of the repairs are now complete, but not all of the plans to prevent future storm damage are ready yet. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is urging residents to stay indoors or use public transportation only.

For the New England region, this is the first time in 30 years that the area has been affected by a hurricane named Bob.

Thousands of miles south, Henry’s pioneer Grace sowed death and destruction. Grace traveled through the Mexican state of Veracruz with winds of up to 150 kilometers per hour and peaks at 200 kilometers per hour. Authorities said at least seven people were killed, including several minors. On Friday, the hurricane swept across the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico before moving westward. The storm caused heavy rain and flooding. Grace has previously brought storms to earthquake-hit Haiti and Jamaica.

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