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Minister of Health, , Announced this week that the anti-Peru vaccine will receive more than 100,000 thousand doses per million From Pfizer. He explained that the delivery would be in two parts, with the first coming this Monday and the other coming on Friday 30th July.

He explained in a statement to TV Peru that the drugs would help the new government, which is due to take office on Wednesday, July 28. The vaccination process can continue across the country Without any delay or delay.

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“Vaccination is an extended process that allows access, which should be determined by the authorities, as 990 thousand people are coming from Pfizer today, so they will have vaccines in Lima and the rest of the country. On the 30th, 100 thousand and more doses come in, with a total of more than 100,000 dose phishers in a million. So there are enough numbers, some people had some doubts, the truth is everything is paid off “, He said.

In these ways, he stressed, the Francisco Sagasti government was able to fulfill its commitment to the country by vaccinating 4.5 million Peruvians. Also, he revealed it last Saturday In just 24 hours, more than 380,000 people were vaccinated across the country.

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Minister Ugarde on the vaccine
Minister Ugarde on the vaccine
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“The vaccine was successful, until last night it was 353 thousand, that is, we have exceeded the target, it seems important to us,” The vaccinated area has not yet entered, and we are glad we missed the target, We have passed 12 million applications. With the second dose we have already surpassed 4.5 million, which was the target before July 28th. We are definitely going to expand this goal ”, he said.

“On Saturday we recorded 380,000 doses nationwide, with a 36-hour target for vaccination and 353,000 vaccinations in Lima and Calo. “We have exceeded the calculations.” Added.

Regarding the suspension of the vaccination process, Minister Ugarde stressed that it will take place only this Monday, because the process will begin tomorrow Will restart normally. He noted that those who plan today can access to get their size without problems.

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