‘Government wants to force ByteDance to sell TikTok in US’ – IT Pro – News

Let’s say Byte Dance sells TikTok to another company in the US. That other company can, for example, license the software so it doesn’t have to develop it

I think US wants to sell the entire company, not just license the software.
Frankly, I like your suggestion to sell only the license.

There is no mistake that the administration of something is not in the hands of China.

I actually agree with that, but I’m also a strong supporter of self-government, regardless of how much China has to deal with it.

If my interpretation (that they should sell the entire company) is correct, I cannot accept it, because where do you draw the line?
So should TikTok demand that it be sold to the Belgian company?
Should NL demand that TikTok be sold to a Dutch company?
Of course that’s not possible.

That’s why I don’t think the idea of ​​selling the license is that crazy. At the very least, each country wants to impose its own rules.

Still, I haven’t seen it. I prefer a large and international web with sites focused around the world rather than a geographic area. It would be much better if everyone could share knowledge, resources, entertainment etc. with the whole world rather than being on their own island.

A thorn in my side is the growth of sites becoming more and more national. Unfortunately, I see that direction as almost inevitable since there is no “world government”, so there will always be areas where the rules conflict with other areas, preventing sites from having a universal policy.

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The rule of law requires the nationalization of the internet so that the internet can have laws and case law and so on. At the same time, I fear that we are going to destroy a huge amount of the value of the Internet. See how things are going between China and the West. We don’t really see each other’s internet. The best programmers who create the most beautiful software we’ve ever seen must also live in China. China has smart scientists, good musicians, funny comedians and many others, and we don’t hear or see anything about it, on the contrary.

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