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The Gotham Knights third-person shooter appears to have restored the protection of the Denuvo version. On Thursday it appears to have been patched, making the 327.1MiB exe file smaller. During that day, the update again increased by 315.6MB.

It’s not clear why Denuvo was taken out and presumably back in there now. Developer WB Games Montréal has not made any announcements about it in the patch notes or anywhere else. The news of the emergence of DRM-free copies, for example, torrent sites after a file Modernization. Now with this new update It appears to have been reversed.

Denuvo gets kicked out of the games you get into on a regular basis, but that often happens after a while broke down It has been released before. In recent years, the news has appeared many times Toys they Devuvo-DRM Lost. However, there was no crack available for the Gotham Knights at all. This, in addition to the alleged retraction of the removal, makes it clear that WB Games Montréal erred in the removal.

Denuvo does not have a very good reputation. This is mainly due to performance issues that the games you are using can show. This was highlighted in 2018 in series of standards From the YouTube channel Overlord Gaming. Critics believe that it is unacceptable for Denuvo to deal only with paying customers.

Gotham Knights also deals with poor performance on both PC and PC as controllers. From First tests However, the CapFrameX benchmarker shows that this time cannot be attributed to Denuvo. The game still has big problems frame speed— and stutter,” the account writes, but clearly shows a slightly higher average frame rate per second.

Gotham Knights was released on October 21 for Windows, PS5, Xbox Series X, and S. Creator WB Games Montréal previously worked on Batman: Arkham Origins and the Wii U port of Batman: Arkham City.

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