Gospel People: Black evangelicals from America live in Wienenthal

Gospel People: Black evangelicals from America live in Wienenthal

November 29, 2023 at 2:41 pm


She fell down Evangelists from the American South come to the Netherlands for an annual tour of Europe. Seven dedicated and exceptional musicians bring the Mahalia Jackson legacy to the world. Their concert at the Basilica in Veenendal will be held on December 13 from 8 pm onwards.

Gospel is the music of African American culture. What began as a cry of despair and a bid for freedom from slavery grew into a cry of hope and connection. This music touches many people worldwide and has given great influence and support to many who have had to endure grief and sorrow over the past centuries.

The music led to the further development of soul, blues and jazz and is very popular in the Netherlands among all religions. Especially because of the passion and joy that all religions appreciate.

Seven choirs of gospel people sing a wide range of all the classic gospel songs like ‘Amazing Grace’, ‘O Happy Day’, ‘We Are the World’ in a 2-hour show. Because of their authentic and original performances, they are an example for many Dutch singers who are currently singing gospel and Christmas carols in churches and theaters.

The concert is an initiative of the Wageningen international concert organization Wigt International, which for more than 50 years has held thousands of concerts in all European countries with international artists every year. Known for pioneering tours with legendary dignitaries that first took them to the far corners of Europe and Asia. She thought that the basilica at Veenenthal was the appropriate place to deliver this good news.

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Readers of De Rijnpost.nl can purchase tickets with a discount of 7.50 euros www.basiliekveenendaal.nl See also the advertisement in De Rijnpost of 29 November.

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