Gordon angry at “nonsense stories” and “lies” about the dog Toto | stars

Gordon angry at "nonsense stories" and "lies" about the dog Toto |  stars

In a message on social media, Gordon pointed his arrows at the Mediacourant website. The singer writes: “For the thousandth time, I must once again defend myself against the empty stories, bad lies and slander spread by Mediacourant.” Gordon had previously ordered the site to remove hate comments from articles about him. Mediacourant has apologized and disabled the option to post comments under messages.

According to Gordon, since then, there have been “an average of three articles per week” that “place him inferior as a person and as a TV maker.” The letter clearly did not get through properly and they still risked going to court. If Linda.nl also takes on the malicious suggestive incorrect reporting, my limit has been reached. Now I have to make a statement about my dog ​​again, it makes me sick to my stomach.”

Gordon is already in Dubai without his dog, but this does not mean that the animal will remain in the Netherlands. “My dog ​​is just going to Dubai on the 17th of October and I am now in the UAE to arrange my visa. What the so-called gossip sites are doing with their lies is really hurtful and very shameful. Go do something good for the community and spend your time doing something that makes people better instead of getting sick!”

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