Google will soon launch a cheaper Chromecast for 40 euros – picture and sound – news

It will be a low-position model of your existing Chromecast with Google TV. This model, for example, can cast in 4k and also supports high dynamic range. The new model is not expected to exceed 1080p resolution along with 60Hz. The new model will likely be seen as a successor to Google Chromecast from 2018.

It is mentioned between the nose and the lips in the text, but to clarify for those who are less in the matter:

The Google Chromecast line (which includes the 2018 model) is concerned with “dumb” cast devices. The only way to run something on this is to “send” it from another device, often from a smartphone or tablet. Send is instructing the device to play something (mostly from the internet). In regular use, the command comes from the smartphone, and the content comes from elsewhere. The process occurs with the machine giving the command to run something. Only Google makes Google Chromecast devices.

The Google Chromecast line with Google TV (with only a device of the same name so far) is about Android TV media players. You can play media in it by installing apps from the Play Store on the device itself. An example is, of course, well-known streaming services, but there is also Kodi, for example. Android TV media players also have “Chromecast built-in” function, which means that in addition to their playback functions, you can also cast to the device. The process can be done in different ways, often involving a Bluetooth remote control out of the box. Other manufacturers also manufacture Android TV media players.

The article speculates that for 40 euros it is considered a “stupid” casting device. I think it might also be a cheap device to get Google TV (Google’s new marketing name for Android TV) on more TVs. This is partly due to the ads Google has been using for a while on its new standard Android TV player (more viewers = more money + data). Furthermore, there’s no good reason to go with the “dumb” Chromecast of 2018 with a device that does exactly the same thing.

if Xiaomi Android TV is offered for about 40 eurosGoogle can do that too.

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