Google will not use the ad tool for Android after 2024 – tablets and phones – news

Google will not use the advertising ID tool for Android after 2024. Instead, the company is working on a Privacy Sandbox for Android, which should give users “more control over their data and privacy.”

Standards privacy protection-Be initiative Since 2019 Already implemented in Chrome. Google now wants to implement the same methods in Android. These should ensure “better privacy for users, without denying them access to free content and services,” the head of product management wrote. Anthony Chavez on Wednesday’s blog

Among other things, Google wants to limit the sharing of user data with third parties and “search technologies that reduce the chance of confidential data collection”. The company also wants mobile ads to not contain trackers.

It is not yet known when Google will stop using AdID. The company pledges to inform mobile advertisers and developers “well in advance” when you pull the plug on the tool.

The collection of user data by advertisers is increasingly restricted by the big tech companies. Last year, Apple made an app tracking transparency feature Available in iOS 14.5† This requires users to grant each app permission to track their activities so that developers can show targeted ads. Several companies, including Meta, have criticized the feature because tracking enablement would cause a significant drop in revenue. Meta expects Apple’s privacy function to lose ten billion dollars (transferred 8.8 billion euros) in sales this year, According to Reuters.

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