Google will cut in-app subscription fee to 15 percent by 2022 – IT Pro – News

This is a good example, that was also the abuse of monopolistic/monopolistic positions. The fact that they can now suddenly be cut in half at Google, now that they are afraid of the prospect of more rules being imposed on them, says it all. And in those 15 and 10%, they’re still making more profit than is healthy.

With the debit card, this also happened after a lawsuit or government intervention. Think you are now paying a fixed amount per month and no longer paying per transaction? Because yes, processing those few bits on the scale costs less than a cent.

SMS also had to cost 0.25€ per message for the EU to say this is nonsense. At the time, it could cost no more than 0.08 euros or so, companies could compete in SMS at once and costs fell sharply.

To stay with communication. Roaming costs, although such a nice cash spot until it was banned by law. Because it was just a rip off within the European Union. Once this came into the picture, that could be competed for as well, and prices dropped.

It only grows on the backs of others. Big companies get away with it every time. Mandatory retroactively reducing compensation and reimbursing excess costs in recent years. or a big fine. You don’t have to be nice to the big multinationals, they aren’t with the world either.

And that the lawyers say they can’t really calculate the profit margin correctly. It sounds to me like “We know you’re right, but we don’t get paid to say it!”.
It just means that so much of it is earned that no one cares anymore whether it’s a percentage more or less. At competitive profit margins, they count. It relied on their ability to accurately report it to 3 decimal places.

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