Google warns users to update Chrome immediately

Google warns users to update Chrome immediately

Do you use Google Chrome as a web browser? Then it is wise to update immediately. Security issues have been discovered.

Google Chrome is the most used web browser in the world. A logical choice because with the program you can surf the Internet at lightning speed and Easy Online. Due to its widespread use, the browser is also a very popular target for hackers. So they do everything they can to break into to steal data. So it’s only natural that Google releases updates regularly to stay ahead of the hackers. Now installing the latest version of the program is very urgent.

Problems with Google Chrome

Last week Google released version 99.0.4844.84 for Windows, Mac, and Linux. One of the main points of this software is that it fixes a security vulnerability. It’s an issue surrounding CVE-2022-1096, allowing remote burglaries.

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The problem with Google Chrome is the confusion between the system and the JavaScript engine. This allows the hacker to disable the browser and then enter codes to infect a computer with malware such as malware and ransomware. According to Google, the bug is in Chrome used beforeSo he can’t be too open about it. The company also does not specify who is being exploited and in what way.

Zero day leak

This vulnerability is called zero-day. This means that at the time of discovery, the developer of the program had not found a solution. It is already the second time this year that such a problem has been discovered in Google Chrome. Fortunately, it is now resolved.

Although the update is already available, it can take months before everyone updates Chrome, which poses risks. It is best to install the update yourself as soon as possible.

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Google warns users to update Chrome immediately

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