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Is this because of Android? …or maybe all rogue apps that you have installed? Consider the latter, but in terms of stability it has advanced quite a bit. But because of this “limited freedom” in Apple, it seems to work more stable.

In my experience, this is due to family members continuing to use older devices that have reached their limits.

My dad also complains about his phone…about how he’s always emptying his pictures to make room, and if he wants to read the news in the morning, he’d rather start his laptop because that’s faster than opening the browser on his phone.
My dad is still using Samsung from the days before the Galaxy line even existed, shortly after the wheel was invented.
Of course such people complain about how slow “modern” technology works and how bad Android phones are.

Android has been here for years (since the beginning) and it has idd. What has only been going on since about 2017, 2018, decent and reasonably future-proof hardware ended up in mid-range and even low-range android phones, that they still perform well even after several years… in that period, I switched from Samsung to Huawei, But then in 2019, that circus is back with that ban on Samsung. :Dr
I’m now using a 2019 A71 and it’s loaded with apps (albeit exclusively through the play store) and it’s a million times faster and more stable than anything I’ve used before, including the flagship S4 when it was less than a year old.
As already mentioned my wife’s first generation A52 and my daughter’s A32… both budget devices that run smooth I sometimes have to clean my daughter’s machine because she installs games her 128 GB is literally full, yet the machine does not run noticeably slower than it is It was when it was new. It just can’t compare to Android devices from years ago.

Nowadays, if I still hear family members complaining about their phone or laptop, it’s always because of a lack of knowledge on how to use the thing, or sometimes a very old device which obviously can’t do everything and doesn’t yet Now it’s already hard on its own. n approaches the limits, and is usually a combination of the above factors.

By the way, I’m not saying anything about iPhones: I’ve never used them, so I can’t judge.

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