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Google wants to make Google Tasks the central hub for both Tasks and Reminders. Google Tasks will soon be usable with both Gmail and Calendar and should be synced between different systems.

in Blog announces Google recommends that it should be easier to add both tasks and reminders to Google Tasks. The idea is that Google Tasks should become the central place for creating to-do lists and setting reminders. In addition, Google Tasks must be accessible from Gmail and Calendar.

These different functions are still divided over the different Google apps. In addition to Google Tasks, there is a separate reminder system in Google Calendar, and there is also Google Keep with which to create lists. It’s not clear exactly how Google Keep fits into the new Google plan.

In Gmail, it should be possible to add a task directly to the task list from the inbox and Google Chat. Tasks can also be added to the task list from Google Calendar and even Google Assistant should support Google Tasks.

The Google Tasks update should be available sometime in the coming months. Google will give access to a select number of users in the near future to test new functionality.

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