March 29, 2023

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Google wants the biggest products to get AI within months – IT Pro – News

I really don’t understand the whole hype of artificial intelligence. Do we want to intentionally hide every source of information by having all the information generated by artificial intelligence? I am really worried about that.

Nor is it intended to generate information, and none of these projects claim to be able to do so.

AI runs on tasks, does what you say, and cannot show initiative on its own. You can ask, but your mirror is more likely to ask who is the most beautiful in the country. The Thing has no idea, nor is it made to answer those kinds of questions.

However, that doesn’t stop people from trying anyway, and yes, a lot of crap comes from that. The fact that the dumb language model often gives good answers says something about how predictable people are, or, on the other hand, that we easily overestimate our intellectual capabilities. For most conversations and texts, you don’t need a lot of intelligence and you’ll get a lot by piecing together standard phrases and axioms.

It is often incorrectly presented in the media, so that people have an incorrect idea of ​​the capabilities and limitations of models such as GPT and Bard. This unfortunately reinforces itself a bit as most people have to deal with the story in the media.

By the way, I don’t like the term “AI” because it’s too vague. We don’t even know what human intelligence is, so any comparison is difficult. In practice, the “AI” label says as much as the “new” text on a package of washing powder, so that’s not much. We use the term all the time for everything new and complex in the field of information technology. In 10 years we will laugh at what we now call “artificial intelligence”, just as we now laugh at the “expert systems” of the 1980s that worked on the basis of “decision trees”. It was once impressive to AI, but the modern programmer sees nothing more than a long “if/then/else” statement.

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The term “generative AI” is even worse. This “generative” is completely misinterpreted as if the AI ​​itself comes up with something new of its own. Technically, I understand what they mean, but the public is misinterpreting it, and that could include Google’s marketing department.

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