Google turns completely pink when you type Margot Robbie: With these words you also get “special effects” | Displays

Google turns completely pink when you type Margot Robbie: With these words you also get "special effects" |  Displays

Who is currently searching on Google for the new movie Barbie, lead actors Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling or director Greta Gerwig get a special score. Digital fireworks explode on the screen, after which the entire page turns pink for Barbie. It is by no means the only special effect Google shows on searches. A selection of the best.

The hype surrounding the highly anticipated movie Barbie (★★★ on this site) It was already massive, but so far Google has joined it. Also if you are searching in Dutch: type Barbie movie And you are first presented with painted flashes of pink, then the page color changes to candy canes. Don’t worry if you see a “meteor” googles, because then a copy will appear on the screen immediately.

For other special effects, you have to search in English (also for meteor shower). There is a known search for “crooked”, ie oblique, causing the page to skew appropriately. If you are “Baby Yoda” or “grogu” googles, the character from appears star Wars-series The Mandalorian in the picture. If you tap on it, it will use its power to grab a search result and throw it down at the bottom of the screen. You can do this multiple times.

Most surprising is the result if you Cha Cha slice googelt, the 2000 hit by Mr. C The Slide Man (aka DJ Casper). A microphone appears next to the clip result on Google. Click that and any subsequent icon, and the page pops up and you hear the chorus stuff. google movie Legally blonde, then a pink bag will appear. Click on it and Bruiser, the Chihuahua of main character Elle Woods, will appear to visit the dog salon.

Reese Witherspoon is legally blonde, with her dog, Bruiser. © PR

Mushrooms, scary bear or cat paws: more results

– In Australia, they like to tell you that in addition to cute koala bears, there is also a bloodthirsty version that falls from trees and grabs people. This is not true, but the so-called Google bear drop A warning sign appears that you should not click for your safety.

– the notorious fungus from games and TV series The last of us Not dangerous for Google. seek Series or name “Cordyceps”Tap several times on the mushroom that appears on the screen and watch your screen transform into a moldy work of art.

-Google ‘dog’ or ‘cat’ And you get a paw print that you can tap on, and then a paw presses on your screen, with sound. By the way, I’m looking for you ‘cherry blossom’Then you can click on the flower to see the leaves fall.

– in the sitcom Dinner for one From the ’60s, someone repeatedly stumbled upon a leopard skin rug. If you are the name googles, you see a tiger’s head in the picture. Click it and at the bottom of the screen someone trips over a rug (with sound). google movie Forest Gumpand then you see the numbers running at the top, a nod to the quote “Run, forest, run!

If you google Holi-Phagwa, Forrest Gump, or cherry blossoms, you will get a surprise.
If you google Holi-Phagwa, Forrest Gump, or cherry blossoms, you will get a surprise. © AFP / PR / NLBeeld, DDP

– seek “DVD screensaver” And the Google logo bounces across the screen like in DVD player screensavers.

– Google k-pop band BTSclick on the purple heart and then on the balloons that have microphones in them and let the band members talk to you.

– Are you looking for Hindu Holi festival then “Holy Vagua” And if you click on the picture, colorful powder will be thrown on your screen in party style.

More bites? Google Super Mario Bros (and click on the icon), ‘heads or tails’ (Let the site flip a coin). or google barrel roll work And rotate the page 360 ​​degrees, referring to a fox starA game-like trick.

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