April 1, 2023

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Google releases first configuration AI features for Gmail and Docs testers

Google has launched its first AI configuration features for Docs and Gmail. Using generative AI, according to Google, users can, for example, ask Docs to write a script for a vacancy, or invite them to a children’s party. AI jobs are only for testers at the moment.

Documents and Gmail feature It should help users Writing specific texts. In the Help Me Write text box, users can indicate the type of text they want to create, such as a job description for a specific job. Google’s generative AI then writes this text, including expected responsibilities, qualifications, and job descriptions. Certain text boxes, such as the company name, can then be filled in by the user.

The second function is called rewriting and it allows users to type a text, after which Google’s generative AI can rewrite it to make the text look more formal, for example. You can also be a bit more playful, with the “I’m lucky” option. Users can also choose to make the text shorter or longer, or have it rewritten by Google’s AI based on points.

Google says that artificial intelligence cannot replace human ingenuity and ingenuity, and therefore says that the user always remains in control of the text. So the user can always delete or modify the text. The company says these features are “just the beginning” and wants to integrate generative AI into presentations, spreadsheets, Meet and Chat. For example, the company talks about an AI that takes notes from a Meets meeting, presents it in Presentations and then presents that presentation with self-made images.

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The company says it wants to roll out generative AI slowly, in a controlled manner, and based on user feedback. Therefore, the Docs and Gmail features announced today are only available to “trusted testers” in the US at the moment. For those users, the features should become available this month. After that, other users will only get AI functionality, though it’s not clear when that will be.

Generative AI is artificial intelligence that creates text, images, or other content based on user input. Since OpenAI released the ChatGPT model at the end of last year, this form of artificial intelligence has been gaining momentum. Google wants its biggest products to get generative AI as quickly as possible, according to a Bloomberg source. In addition, the company has a Tuesday Release APIs for developers to use To experiment with generative artificial intelligence.