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Google is launching Clear Calling for the Pixel 7 phones. The feature cleans up the audio in phone calls, helping the Pixel phone user on the other end hear less background noise and better understand the caller.

Google already announced the feature, but it’s now a drop upgrade that will be released for Pixel phones and Pixel Watch. Clear Calling is a method of processing the sound coming from the other end of the line to amplify the voice and suppress background noise. According to Google, the function needs Tensor soc, which makes the function It will also come to Pixel 6a and 6 later.

In the Feature drops Also includes an upgrade to Recorder to separate voices. This function is present in the English version of the application and tries to show who said what during a meeting in the interface.

For the phone, the upgrade also includes a new menu for security and privacy settings. It also includes VPN functionality for Pixel 7 phones. Additionally, the Pixel Watch upgrade includes functionality to see your favorite contacts in a tile, and there’s a tile to see how long it will be before sunset. The upgrade is coming this week to Pixel phones since the Pixel 4.

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