Google released the January update for the Pixel 6 series – tablets and phones – News

Google has started distributing the January update for its Pixel 6 series phones. It also includes the fixes that were supposed to be in the December update that was pulled. The update can be downloaded and installed manually if desired.

Journalist on Android Mishaal Rahman zig Friday that outta in a Factory Pictures It was put online before the new update. For those still on the November update, the download is just over 200MB. Those who got the December update to opt out should now download about 40MB.

files are To download from Google, but if you wait too long, you will get a notification and an option to download and auto-install further. It happens according to posts on the topic of Pixel 6 and 6 Pro on GoT Also in the Netherlands.

According to the changelogs, Posted by 9to5GoogleNetwork connectivity has been improved, among other things. This applies to both Wi-Fi and mobile networks. In addition, connecting to mobile networks consumes less power and the vulnerability related to teams and emergency calls has been fixed and the memory leak issue has been closed. Sharing the December update ensured, among other things, that the Assistant no longer accidentally initiates phone calls and Bluetooth issues should be resolved. The fingerprint scanner should work better, too.

google browser I stopped The December update was distributed last month as it caused a lot of issues including losing connectivity. The company advised going back to the November update with the Android Flash Tool. Moreover, Hold for Me and Call Screen functions Turn off Due to bugs, but these are now back too.

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