Google Pixel 3 and 3XL will receive the final update early next year – tablets and phones – news

5 years? iPhone 6S 2015 gets the latest iOS 15 upgrade. That’s 6 years of OS upgrades. The iPhone 5S from 2013 still receives regular security updates. That’s at least 8 years old!

This is why I might be looking at the iPhone for my next phone.

I have got the following smartphones:
Motorola Milestone: 2008-2012, finally with a Custom Rom (my dad dropped it…)
Nexus 4: 2012 – 2018, finally with a custom ROM (demolished in an attempt to spoil the faulty battery)
Nokia 6.1: 2018 – nu

I don’t plan to work with custom ROMs again. When I see that the iPad Pro 12.9 I now came with iOS 12, then 13, 14, and 15, it got 3 major upgrades. (I think this is the 2018 iPad; I’m not sure anymore.) If support is already 5-6 years old, it will also get iOS 16, 17 and possibly 18, and _THEN_ more security updates for that latest version.

If I do eventually write off my Nokia phone (it will probably go to my mother, because she does nothing but Whatsapp and calls, using an unused Google account for anything other than that phone), there’s a good chance I will. Turn on the iPhone, only because of the much better software updates than Android. Android One is about to die; Nokia seems to be the only one really involved in this. (By the way, cause I have a Nokia).

Regardless… I would never buy an Apple laptop or an iMac. Not yet maybe. I like to choose my hardware myself, and not be limited by macOS. (Nowadays I prefer Linux, as soon as I switch from Windows. If that were possible with apps, I would even opt for a Linux phone.)

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