March 29, 2023

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Google makes Google One VPN service available for macOS and Windows – Computer – News

[Wat is] Why do you want to remain anonymous online?

You should see it as a checkmark, toggle, or option with the question:

Do you want to be monitored by your ISP and your government, and sign up for an internet filter? We will monitor, record, restrict and share other security services and sell your Internet activities to advertisers.

Why choose “Yes”? Nobody chooses yes, except for the police and people who don’t know better than that. You are After all it has nothing to do with him. It can only hold you back or be used against you at some point, including in the future. VPN is unsubscribe.

You use a VPN, for example, if you want to pass your ISP as the editor of your internet connection and enforcer of government obligations. For example, many ISPs block anything and everything. The most famous are of course all kinds of torrent sites, but you also have legal stuff like webcomics that are blocked. For example, in Germany, everything with swastikas has been banned for a long time, so if you like a little black humor, have a VPN, so that no one else decides what is funny and not funny. In the Netherlands and no doubt elsewhere, there are large blacklists and filters for the Internet. Parts of Freedom said about this:

The Netherlands is like Iran: a secret blacklist of blocked sites, which we don’t know how to access, how to get off, what technology is used, and what exactly is agreed upon between service providers. This is totally unacceptable.

If you think: No thanks, I’ll pass this one, you’re sidelining your ISP with a VPN.

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In the past I’ve also done this to keep your browsing history private because your ISP had to keep it (obligation to keep), but I think the legislation changed a few years ago and now the sites you visit no longer “need” to keep it By the government (although your ISP may do so for other reasons). Which email addresses still match when. Now almost no one uses an email from their ISP on Tweakers, but family members who have their own Ziggo address, correspondence with them is kept for a year. It indicates how difficult it is to monitor us. The Netherlands (and Italy) are the first in Europe in this field.

So why choose to trust that you will never suffer from all this urge to monitor and store – not now and not in the future – when you can also simply opt out? VPN, this is an opt-out.

Another well-known example of using a VPN is for digital nomads, or just when you’re on vacation and have WiFi networks open where you get the “Sign in to access” page. Anyone can analyze your traffic. Even if you simply have to provide a WPA password, you should trust the launcher. It is better to start the VPN after logging in so that no one can listen to it anymore.

In the best case scenario, it is useless if others collect data about you. But it can cause problems. User profiles are often associated with IP addresses. You can contaminate these profiles associated with VPN use, because you share an IP address with thousands of other people.

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Finally, a better VPN can also block malware and ads at the DNS level. This is nice anyway.

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