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Google has announced the FitBit Charge 6. The device is very similar in appearance to the Charge 5, but brings back the physical button on the side. The heart rate monitor has also been improved.

the Fitbit Charge 6 At first glance, it appears to have an identical design compared to the Charge 5 from 2021. The biggest difference is that the physical control button on the side of the device is back. Fitbit Charge models always had it, but on the Charge 5 that button is gone. Users had to do all the control via the touch screen, but that was often inconvenient, especially while exercising. On the Charge 6, this button does the same thing as on previous models.

Google says so In a press release The wearable has a better heart rate monitor. It has an “improved machine learning algorithm” taken from the Pixel Watch. According to Google, heart rate measurement is up to sixty percent more accurate during vigorous exercise sessions like HIIT or spinning training.

The Charge 6 can be paired via Bluetooth with multiple connected exercise devices like Peloton bikes or NordicTrack devices to display your heart rate directly on the device. The device also has multiple sports modes. From now on, twenty new options can be added including HIIT, strength training and snowboarding.

The Charge 6 can also control more Google services than the previous model. For example, the Charge 6 has turn-by-turn navigation via Google Maps and can make payments via Google Wallet.

Many of the features on the Charge 5 have remained the same. The Charge 6 has built-in navigation, water resistance to less than 50 meters, and a sleep tracker. The wearable costs €159.95. That’s ten euros more than the Charge 5 is currently on sale and twenty euros cheaper than when the Charge 5 was just released.

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