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Google is working on an operating system for an “innovative” augmented reality device. This is evident from the vacancies for the search giant. Mark Lukowski, who has spent the past four years at Oculus, now works at Google as the AR-OS project lead.

On his LinkedIn page Lukovsky writes He joined Google to lead a team working on an augmented reality operating system. Over the past four years, he has been appointed to Oculus as administrator General Manager Operating Systems.

Google has many vacancies online for team expansion. In one of them he says Which candidates will work on? IncludedAnd At present The platform, which will form the basis for the next generation of augmented reality experiences. As per the vacancy, you will be responsible for an innovative AR device software.

There are vacancies in the United States and the Canadian city of Waterloo. The latter is where the former North Company was located. Google took it Van de Focals Maker – Augmented Realitybrillen about last year. Google said at the time that employees would keep their site.

There are no specifics about Google’s upcoming augmented reality devices. Several major technology manufacturers are working on augmented reality technology. In addition to Google, these include deadAnd An appleAnd MicrosoftAnd Magic Lip in a Huawei.

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