Google is testing Android option to set ringtone and notification volume separately – Tablets and phones – News

It is possible that in a future version of Android, Google will make it possible to adjust the ringtone volume and other notification volume separately. This allows the ringtone volume to be lower or higher than the notification volume from apps.

According to journalist Mishaal Rahman, many Android 14 Developer Preview 2 users are seeing this feature appear. In DP2, they can set different volumes for each function in the audio settings. This has been possible in Android for years, but now the ringtone and notifications are specifically separated.

In older versions of Android, users could only control the media or alarm volume and all incoming notifications. Ringtones are bundled with other notifications. In the developer preview, there will be two different options for this feature, so the sizes can be set separately from each other.

Users have been asking for this feature for years, but Google only started experimenting with it in Android 13 preview. Back then, testers had to manually do this feature with a file science converts. In Android 14 DP2, Google did it itself, so without users asking for it. For now, this only applies to Pixel devices; It is not known whether or not the feature will be publicly available.

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