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This does not mean that this feature is necessary for Meet to work. The fact that this feature is in Chrome (or Webkit-based browsers for that matter) but not in other browsers (that don’t rely on Webkit) is really not an obligation to take it all in or a “responsibility” as you call it. So it’s possible that there is something in Webkit (the rendering engine for Google Chrome and Chromium, among others) that makes this possible. If so, it can’t come in Firefox, because Firefox has Gecko as the rendering engine. The only way to do this is if Mozilla is using Firefox, switching to Webkit (seems simple to me) or doing its own implementation of the functionality in Gecko, Firefox’s rendering engine.

So if someone (whether it’s Google or Mozilla) wants it, there’s a huge impact; Either Google supports Gecko as well, or Mozilla has to add/implement support for this feature in Gecko or even switch to Webkit entirely.

In the first case, you might be wondering why Google should support multiple rendering engines, in the second case, it relies (for this feature) on the third party (Mozilla) to implement it (and it makes no sense to ask Google to do so).

I also don’t understand why it doesn’t apply to the competition, or doesn’t apply to Mozilla, after all, it could also be described as too big, so there’s an argument that Mozilla doesn’t support it – according to your logic – neither does. ;)

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