Google goes to Indian Supreme Court to provide apps for Android Play Store – Tablets & Phones – News

So, the average consumer who only knows how to use a phone, do you want him to install software that is not in the official Play Store?

So download the Google Chrome App via Softonic Store and then complain about why we have installed everything except Google Chrome and therefore we have to help more people to get rid of malware on smartphone? There is already malware present in the ROM of the smartphone and thus the malware is automatically installed again when the smartphone is reset.

There are plenty of Play Store alternatives out there, but you must have the knowledge to maintain them and also have the knowledge to read the source code, so as not to download an infected app.

On newer devices, you actually get the choice of which browser and search engine you want to use + apps like Candy Crush and other games that do nothing but show ads every minute for 30 seconds that can’t be skipped…

First let them block that besides Google apps there are no other bloatware you can just disable (yes, I’m aware there are tools for that, but that usually requires root). But this also comes back after the reset.

It is no coincidence that Linux-based operating systems require separate root access. So as not to mess up your system as a standard user. Unless you have a lot of Linux knowledge yourself and know what you’re doing.

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