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A few euros a month?
It sounds very stupid, but suppose you have to pay 2 euros per month (24 euros per year), do you think this is a reasonable price for the messaging service?

Personally, I think that a service like Signal should be accessible to everyone everywhere in the world, and if I’m being very honest, I think a service like this shouldn’t cost even one euro per year.

Additionally, generating additional income through social investors and/or donations is an excellent model, as it makes room for people, like you, who can pay more for it and are willing to do so.

I also can’t imagine that running a service like this should be so expensive, in fact, I think you can basically make a service like this cheaper and cheaper (per user at least) with more coverage.

I think the best thing a company like Signal can do is run the service on a distributed network, that way businesses and individuals (including users) can provide a node and contribute to the network (something that lowers costs and increases control).

(To be clear, Signal is a non-profit organization, no profit is required)

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