January 31, 2023

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Google confirms battery issues with Nest doorbells, even with wired setup – Picture and Sound – News

Google confirms on a support page that the Nest doorbell and Nest Cam are having problems working in sub-zero temperatures. When it freezes, the battery does not want to charge again, which means it must eventually be brought inside to charge.

Among other things, 9to5Google made In January notice One of the problems that users have raised. If Google devices are left in extreme cold, in some cases dried within 24 hours, they will not charge in the cold even though they are wired and once brought in, they will charge very slowly. Emptying within 24 hours is certainly a severe order: Google kid That the bell can last up to a month in warmer temperatures and a lot of use.

According to the same site Does google now have a file New support page Preparation, where he explains the shortcomings of the products. From freezing, the batteries could no longer be charged, affecting the Nest doorbell, even when connected to home wiring. In this case, it receives energy from the home’s electrical network, but it first goes to the battery and the doorbell gets its energy from there. This ensures that the buzzer runs empty in the freezing cold, even if it is wired.

This issue should affect all Nest doorbells. This means that it relates to Nest Doorbell with Battery and the Nest Doorbell on mains† The latter was formerly known as Nest Hello and is a variant that can be wired to your existing doorbell, but where power first passes through the battery. Despite the confusing “main supply” of the new name, this model really has an extension Onboard battery

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Google also notes that the battery-powered, outdoor version of the Nest Cam also has this shortcoming, but with a slight difference. If the camera is hanging outside and wired, the power will not go to the battery first, but can go directly to the camera. As a result, it does not drain and stop working, but it also cannot recharge its battery. So this is not a problem for users who always have the camera. Users who rely solely on the battery will find that it lasts a very short time in the bitter cold. Finally: If using the supplied solar panel, the power will first go through the battery and so the camera will also fail in frost.

The problem is inherent in lithium batteries and therefore cannot be solved in this way. In settings where the mains power passes first through the battery, the problem is permanent. Google did already last year confirmed It comes with the second generation of Nest doorbell, without battery.