Google comes up with a new unannounced limit for Google Drive

Google comes up with a new unannounced limit for Google Drive

Google has it, without sending a message (news) or anything like that. Set a new limit for Google Drive. Since last month, Drive users have been reporting that uploading files is no longer possible, despite the fact that the TB subscription limit has not yet been reached. what is going on?

A new limit separate from your subscription

a Reddit user It says that it can no longer upload files to Drive or in Drive. The user reports that they have a 2TB Google Drive account and are currently using 1.62TB. Despite this, his drive is still “full” and he receives the message “Mount Failed”: mount failed. This story has been echoed in other Reddit posts, with some reports from Google support representatives.

People have reported that Drive has set a limit of five million items (files, photos, videos, or other files). This applies to both Google Drive. This is also independent of the account and available space you have a subscription to. Because of this, users with small file sizes such as documents are more likely to reach the items limit before reaching the storage limit.

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Google respond

Unfortunately, Google hasn’t (yet) distributed a clear message or guidance on this topic. Reverse Cnet However, a Google employee came up with the following response:

To maintain strong performance and reliability, individual users are limited to 5 million items created in Google Drive. It will only affect a few users.”

If you reach the limit, you don’t have to worry that your documents will become inaccessible, that they will disappear, or that you will replace them with a new file. However, you can no longer create and/or upload new files. You must first free up space for this.

Are you also getting an upload failed message? Or are you afraid of getting it soon? Let us know in the comments below this article.

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