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Google has built in support for streaming h265 encoded videos to Google Chrome. This makes Chrome, along with Safari, roughly the only browser that currently supports h265. This move is amazing, considering that Google is behind a major competitor h265.

Bitmovin editors, who also Support request For Chromium project in 2015, Note that Google complied. The developers do not provide any additional text or explanation about the mod. Anyway, the result now is that h265-encoded video streams, like those on a file test page Any Bitmovin links will now work by default in Chrome browser from version 105. Safari is the only other notable browser that supports the codec. However, one of the conditions is that the device supports h265 decoding, also known as HEVC. Today, support for such hardware decoding is common.

What makes Google’s decision so striking is that the company is one of the driving forces behind the h265 alternative: the av1 codec. This pressure standard was created in response to the ambiguity and complexity of terminology surrounding the use of h265. For example, YouTube uses vp9, av1 and earlier.

Chrome has According to Statcounter About 65 percent of the browser market; Safari close to 19 percent. If Edge thanks to Chromethe roots It also gets h265 support, four percent of which are added to make a total of about 88 percent support the codec. Firefox creator doesn’t see anything in the codec: “Mozilla will not support HEVC as long as it is subject to patents.”

Tweakers Books in 2020 backstory About different codecs that compete with each other. It deals with the complexity surrounding h264 and h265 and also the open source competitors av1 and vp9 are reviewed.

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