Google brings Pixel 7 features like Clear Calling to Pixel 6 phones – tablets and phones – News

Google will make some older Pixel phones available with Pixel 7 functionality. This includes functionality like Clear Calling, which only comes with Tensor-soc-equipped smartphones. Other features, such as the voice message transcription feature, are also coming to older pixels.

All Pixel phones that have Tensor soc will get Clear Calling feature. this job, Who will get the Pixel 7 laterReduces background noise that can be distracting during phone calls. Pixel 7 and Pixel 6 phones both have a Tensor soc and therefore support the feature, Google confirms against PhoneArena. This also applies to the ability to stop an incoming call by Silence to say. Pixel 6 users can say pause and snooze to turn off the alarm or timer.

Another feature coming to Tensor phones is Guided Frame. This feature helps visually impaired users to take selfies by telling the user via voice messages what to do to take a good selfie. For example, the guiding frame tells the user to move the phone up or right. It also has a countdown timer so users know when the selfie is taken. Pixel 6 phones will also get an update to Real Tone, which will allow photos taken in Night Sight and Portrait modes to better handle different skin tones.

Pixel 6 phones will soon also receive support for Spatial Audio, in collaboration with Pixel Buds Pro. Spatial audio provides 360-degree sound as the sound changes direction when the user turns their head.

Google is also bringing Pixel 7 features to multiple Pixel devices. For example, Pixel devices from 4a onwards will have a voice message transcribe function that can transcribe audio. It’s not clear when the features will be available on Pixel devices. Google is only saying that it will be coming to Pixel phones in the upcoming Pixel Feature Drop. The next one is scheduled for December.

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