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Google has announced an alpha release for Steam on ChromeOS. The platform is immediately available to a select number of Chromebooks. The tech giant has yet to announce when Steam will be officially supported on ChromeOS.

During the Google Games Developer Summit, pause for a while In alpha testing starting today. Google has yet to reveal which Chromebooks are part of alpha testing, but it does indicate that more information is available on the community forums.

Google already dropped a few years ago NB The company was working on Steam support. Just like back then, Google doesn’t mention the term in which we can expect Steam on ChromeOS, but with alpha testing, the release is at least a little closer.

In addition to Steam’s plans on ChromeOS, Google has also talked about Stadia’s plans at its top game developers. The game streaming service will allow game developers to demo their games via Stadia. It can then be linked to YouTube, social media, and ads so that consumers can try out a game right away.

Earlier this year, Google announced that Stadia تركيز concentration It will turn into a service for third parties. This appears to be another step in that direction. Google has already shut down its site game studios, which was created specifically for the development of Stadia games. Initially, Stadia was founded by Google to offer the games themselves.

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