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And does this embedded software have a similar use to Android Go, with the same functions?

Because if not, then of course you are comparing apples with oranges, then lemons come out.

They are two completely separate systems, each with its own target group and use cases. You cannot compare everything separately.

According to this logic, you can actually refer to lightweight software based on different topics. Personally, I understand that Google is talking about a “lightweight” version of the OS. Calling this software “lightweight” from a general point of view doesn’t seem quite right to me.

When you talk about “lightweight” software, I personally would expect the OS to be perfectly optimized and use limited resources, compared to alternative operating systems.

For example, I compare Windows Phone with Android. Even in previous years for operating systems, Android was less economical in terms of using available resources.

Hence, continuing to add functionality with a lot of overhead is the biggest issue with Android. In this regard, I thought Android was the best operating system from 2013 to 2014, even though it was already less improved compared to alternative operating systems. Knowing that Android Go nowadays needs at least 2GB of RAM, I think that’s a huge drop.

For a truly lightweight operating system, Google can learn a lot from Windows Phone, Meego, and Blackberry OS in this regard.

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The architecture of Android also greatly affects the speed. Regarding the structure of the operating system, Android is quite messy compared to other operating systems. APIs have become larger and heavier over the years. Moreover, many processes and applications are Java programs, which are interpreted very slowly and therefore executed more slowly compared to compiled programs (C or C++).

Speed ​​is also associated with other processes, such as background services. The quantity has also increased significantly.

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